Bhoomi-Tech analytical laboratory instruments provide materials testing instruments for a broad range of clients, markets and industries.

Bhoomi-Tech offers analytical laboratory techniques and laboratory instrumentation providing the possibility to obtain critical analysis information clients need for trouble-shooting, research, and quality control and many other requirements and applications. Bhoomi-Tech’s engineers and technicians provide the crucial technical service support with all instruments and systems you need to help run your business and meet product research, development, and quality goals.

We provide the complete range of instruments for below areas;

  • Chemical Testing & Analysis
  • Materials Analysis
  • Polymer and Plastics Analysis
  • Petrochemical Testing
  • Petroleum Analysis
  • Forensic Analytical and Scientific Services
  • General Analytical Testing

Please contact us for any requirement of Analytical Testing solution you are looking for. We are reputed and regular suppliers of analytical solutions to all leading government institutions and research laboratories as well as many industrial organisations.

Analytical Testing Products